Ikea grows, Meta Ads Blows, Amazon Glows

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Microsoft: Bing Chat To Show Referrer Analytics Data In Coming Weeks

Ikea To Spend $2.2B Opening New U.S. Stores And E-Commerce Hubs

New report unveils delivery shortcomings of leading UK e-commerce brands

RTIH publishes its 2023 Top 100 Retail Technology Influencers List

Facebook's Ad System Went Nuts and Charged Customers for Ads No One Saw

TikTok cashing in on sale of counterfeit cosmetics and prescription skin creams

Amazon launches new anti-counterfeiting initiative to protect customers and combat organised crime


13 Marketing Podcasts for Online Merchants

Introducing Shopify Bill Pay: Pay Any Business, Any Way You Want

Launching Instacart Ads Academy — A new self-paced learning program covering Instacart Ads is now freely available

How the relationship between influencers and consumers is changing (and what marketers need to know)


How To Conduct Product Research Using Historical Data

How to Remove Amazon Counterfeit Products – Everything You Need to Know

How to Build Brand Awareness on Amazon

Amazon Lightning Deals: Are They Worth it for FBA Sellers?


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